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Initial visit will include a consultation to identify and evaluate functional deficiencies followed by personalized treatment to get you back to doing things you enjoy the most.


We utilize various forms of assessments such as orthopedic and neurological testing in addition to more traditional chiropractic assessments, which include: structural/gait analysis, palpation (motion and static) and range of motion (goniometric and inclinometer) analysis. Referral for radiological analysis, advanced imaging, labs and other specialist services can be provided if required.

Dr. Matock and Dr. Perry recognize and appreciate the limitations and contra-indications to care. They have strong understanding of the referral basis for advanced imaging or special testing and they actively participate in inter-professional communication and co-operation with community medical professionals.


Precision Sports Medicine and Chiropractic is a fee-for-service provider. Our staff can verify your benefits and payment options prior to beginning treatment. We do not bill your insurance directly. We can provide itemized receipts for you to submit to your insurance provider. We accept cash, Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, HSA and FSA. 

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