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Precision Sports Medicine & Chiropractic is one of the few Walnut Creek chiropractic clinics that incorporates a variety of techniques in each treatment. This approach allows us to differentiate ourselves from the average chiropractic back pain clinic and provides our patients with the most current, effective, and safest care possible. Understanding the biomechanical principles involved helps us to prevent injury, restore functional integrity and stability through treatement and rehabilitation. We treat patients of all ages and activity levels and we would enjoy treating you too! 

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Benefit to Athletes

  • Faster recovery from injury – get back to your field sooner

  • Access to wider range of treatment tools and techniques

  • Expertise in high-performance athletics and preventative strategies

  • Guidance for athletic training

  • Sports nutrition consulting

  • Sports-specific treatment and preventative exercises

  • Ability to integrate treatment with training

  • Faster evaluation of injury or pain source

  • Reduced treatment duration; less visits

  • Corrective exercises to prevent injuries

  • Holistic approach wellness model

  • Take advantage of the latest treatment and methods developed for athletics

Benefits to Non-Athletes

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