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I've had 17 orthopedic surgeries. Prior to my current career, I used to rehabilitate clients from injury, surgery, etc. So I have a bit of experience when it comes to rehabilitative therapy. Dr. Matock and Dr. Perry are without a doubt, the most talented, caring, and effective practitioners I've ever met. I'm blessed every day for having met them, I was told I'd never walk without a cane or brace. Directly due to their treatment, I'm now a nationally competitive athlete. They gave me hope when everyone else in the medical community told me I was done. See these guys. It will change your life. - S. Gilligan 

I could write a 20 page APA formatted paper on why Precision Sports Medicine is the greatest thing since sliced bread but I know nobody will read it, so allow me to summarize:

1. The treatment(s) worked. I came in with a deadlifting injury, a bench press injury, shin splints, and what I would assume to be unhealthy tightness in every muscle within my body. Just walking around every day I felt pain all over and had trouble living life as usual , but 2 months later I feel virtually 0 pain and can honestly say I feel better than I have in years.

and less importantly but also important

2. Dr. Matock, Dr. Perry, and all the girls are extremely caring and friendly. Whenever I come here I feel as if I'm among good friends.

If you're having aches and pains that your doctor at (Kaiser? John Muir?) does nothing for but prescribe Aleve and tell you to stretch and rest, Precision Sports Medicine will be your saving grace. - Owen 

Love this place. With my very active lifestyle and extensive gym regimen this place is perfect to break up that scar tissue and increase overall blood flow to the muscle. Also Chris and Sergio are very good at find those minor alignment issues, overly tense muscle or any other postural problems and fixing them right up. - J. Lee 

Dr. Matock has helped me rehab a severely sprained ankle. After just resting and icing for 3 months, my ankle was still swollen and the pain hadn't diminished. After just two sessions with Dr. Matock, through his combination of treatment including the Graston technique, the swelling was mostly gone. And now, a month or so later, the ankle is pain free. 
Through my sessions with Dr. Matock, he has also addressed other chronic issues I've had with muscle tightness; my body hasn't felt this good in nearly a decade. I saw near immediate improvement with regards to flexibility, and my hamstrings haven't tightened up the way they had (and I've become accustomed to) over the last couple of years.

I've seen the light, and would recommend Dr. Matock and Precision Sports Medicine & Chiropractic to anyone.  M. Chin

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